Yarn Along for July 27

My project to read all of the Newbery Medalists in chronological order continues and I’m still reading Invincible Louisa: The Story of the Author of Little Women by Cornelia Meigs, the 1934 winner.  I’m about halfway through the book, but haven’t had a lot of evening reading time since I’ve been spending my evenings knitting.  My daughter has a birthday coming up in early September and I am working on a surprise for her in the evenings after she goes to bed (I’ll try to get a picture sometime when doing so won’t spoil the surprise!), which is cutting into my Newbery reading time!  But I hope to finish up the book this week and move on to the 1935 winner, Dobry by Monica Shannon.

I’m also knitting on my second Baby Surprise Jacket.  For those who have knit it before, I have just reached the part where you put some stitches on extra needles to hold them while you knit a flap of stitches for 10 ridges in garter stitch.  Those of you who have knit this jacket before also know that it is an “almost done” point in the project.  Yay!  Maybe next week I’ll be showing pictures of a new book and a new project.  What will it be?!?  Decisions, decisions….

This post is part of this week’s Yarn Along at the lovely and thoughtful blog Small Things.  Head over there and see what some other interesting folks have on their own needles and library cards!

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16 Responses to Yarn Along for July 27

  1. Rain says:

    Oh the jacket is adorable! I will definitely be sitting with my knuru when I get to the “put some stitches on extra needles” part! Happy secret knitting :-)

    • kathy says:

      It wasn’t so complicated once I figured it out — if you check the Yarn Along link in the sidebar, there was, at one point, a post that walked everyone through that tricky little bit and it was a big help to me!

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Love your BSJ — that’s my next project for Nathan!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Just wanted to let you know that my Birds in Flight socks pattern is already available on my blog or in my Etsy shop. : )

    Here’s a link to my blog where you can click “Buy” for instant download. My Etsy shop has a slight delay because I have to manually send you the PDF.



    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  3. Emily T. says:

    I really love the Baby Surprise Jacket. I know exactly where you are with yours and am so excited for you being almost done! I am thinking that when I have a “free knit” moment (and the yarn available) I want to work up another one. It really is a fun little sweater.

    I think it is great that your reading project is to read all of the Newbery Medalists. Do you have a favorite thus far?

  4. kathy says:

    So far, I think Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze is my favorite. But I often think that the one I just finished is my favorite because so many of the books have been so wonderful!

  5. Ellen says:

    It’s looking very nice. I haven’t made one of these yet. Exciting when you can check off a project as completed.

  6. Jen says:

    What a pretty BSJ!

    And now you have me curious to see what you’re making your daughter.

  7. Alisa says:

    Love your BSJ! I just finished my first one and am thinking I need to make another!! Happy knitting!!

  8. Kate says:

    I’m right there with you on slow going progress. I’m sure you’ll be able to finish up this week :) Can’t wait to see your next project.

    • kathy says:

      I should have some knitting time this week to wrap it up. I’d like to sew the seams on this and the previous BSJ, add the buttons, and get them in the mail before the next Yarn Along. I love how Ginny’s weekly post gives me a nice nudge toward greater productivity!

  9. It looks great! The book looks interesting too. I don’t know how you manage to read classics like that… do you read other things too? I would get bored so fast!

    • kathy says:

      I’m a historian by training, so I’m used to reading even older literature. Honestly, after reading diaries and letters from the 1850s, anything that is typed feels like an easy read! :-)

  10. Becca says:

    Lovely knitting! Can’t wait to be able to knit more advanced. Ya know, beyond a scarf or dish rag!

  11. Your BSJ looks great! And yes you are almost done except for the pesky seaming. I have two finished BSJ laying about waiting for me to seam them :(

  12. Lovely baby jacket! You are inspiring me to knit one up. :)

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